Self Harm

It calls me closer, its calls me near

"Just once and it'll be over"

Death whispers in my ear

Irresistible is its sweet entice

Staring down, which one to slice,

I observe my previous tries

My unseen hurt and earlier cries

No peace in my mind, no peace in my head

The quiet intelligent me, long since fled

Anger and rage consumes me

My mind's demons bursting to be free

The walls of my cage finally cave

"Just be still, just be brave"

I slash down with an improvised knife

"Forget this world, forget my life"

Blood oozes and drips down the drain

A slight tingle but no real pain

A calmness comes over me

My last attempt please, it's got to be

"Screw everyone, that's made me into this"

The very same people who I'm going to miss

Tears stream down my cheek,

My head feels heavy, I get dizzy and legs go weak

I drop to the floor and my vision fades,

"Is it too late for this decision I've made?"

Tears seep out, as blood does too

I don't want this to be the end, I need to pull through

Legs wabbling their way up the sink

As I sob and begin to rethink

Looking in the mirror, my face is flushed

Thinking about all the hearts I would have crushed

Observing all angles of myself, weighing my self-worth

Feeling thankful for not passing, thankful for this Earth

Maybe I can learn to be content,

After all, I know how much to people I meant.

Months pass and I am growing happier everyday

As I learn to throw the bad thoughts away

You are worth it and mean something to someone,

But you need to stick around to be able to see that in the long run





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