Self Harm

Two days clean,

All down the drain,

To myself, I’m mean,

I just don’t feel the pain.

Through the cuts, the blood seeps out,

all across my skin,

i cant even think about,

how much i want to give in.

slit my wrists, slit my throat,

please just let me do it,

letters and letters i have wrote,

just gotta let it sit.

make sure no blood touches the sheet,

or i will be found out.

this bloody mess has to be neat,

or my mother will be in doubt.

i can’t believe I’m back to this.

it’s not a good place to be,

they’re something you could easily miss,

i’m glad no one can see.

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really powerful


I felt this one. It's sad how many people can emotionally relate to this. It hurts to say I am one of them.

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