Self Blame

Did you give up on me? Have you given up on us ? Really you gave up on yourself?
Everything I did was ok just never enough. I should given you my best the worst thing a man can do is stop all the things he did to get the woman and when he gets her he forgets everyone still wants her. Impressing you should never stop just cause you love or even fell in love with me. Loving you every day is one thing but showing you 100 different ways of love is another.
We started to fakie it way to often it started to become part of us
the one thing we couldn't see eye to eye on was TRUST.
TRUST should be like being the best of spades partners 500 points taking every win never getting up from the table until its time to go home.
Opening your car door for you to get in shocked you. Turned on and fascinated by my gentleman ways.
If something ever happen on the outside I know you was procted on the inside. Starting the car r&b slow jams playing thru the speak sitting for a min as the heat kicks in.
Pulling off your hand rubbing on my leg I turn & look at you before I could speak any words your soft hands grab pulling my face close to yours
placing one kiss on my right cheek slowing down due to the red light.
You've taken advantage of the moment issuing slow soft kisses onto my lips using a lil tongue teaseing me
Whispered in my ear wait until we get home.
Wine we had been drinking starting to wear off
Poker face never shows on the outside only hurting on the inside or maybe it must of been true love wearing my emotions on my sleeve
Always wanted to know why
you wonderd if this was to good to be true if I was the right guy questioning yourself can you trust me?
In case you didn't know you were and will always be the apple of my eye and every February you will be the love of my life plus my valentine's
Your not the only one to blame I made my share of mistakes even more being a man I was suppose to lead by example and set the standard
I was caring more about proving you I was right and you was wrong.
I admit I was wrong being selfish & unforgiving holding onto so much anger from the hurt you caused.
Laying in bed not holding you at night. Cuddling and spooning giving you the small things that you like and needed from me. You & me we was a team I admit I was wrong at times I didn't put in enough team work which makes the dream work.
I made you feel more alone, empty, and unwanted. You required more love than I was giving more sex on our kidless nights.
I couldn't get over the pain I was feeling as if you buried me alive you didn't care about you disrespected me spit on my grave.
Many nights divided putting more space between us backs to one another.
Nights I told you things in secret behind closed doors the wicked words that you put together you used those same secrets to hurt me instead.
Nights I felt so embarrassed I couldn't take anymore I slept on the couch instead of in our bed.
I should of paid more attention to your silent emotions they told me everything hands wiping tears away as you say im ok nothings wrong I should of listened less to your words opened up my ears i would of heard the pain
Just memories of the past old pictures of us smiling now we left with a Libra relationship one side of the scale is single life the other side you & me for life ? We never got a chance to really talk
alot of things left unsaid.

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