Self Appreciation



In a world that often demands perfection

I choose to embrace my own reflection

For within me lies beauty and grace

A unique spirit that I proudly embrace


I appreciate the strength that lies within

The resilience and courage that help me win

In times of darkness, I find my light

Guided by my inner strength, shining so bright


I celebrate the journey I have tread

Every experience, both joyful and dread

For they have shaped me into who I am

A person of worth, deserving of love and grand


I admire my mind, so curious and keen

Eager to learn, to explore, to dream

With every challenge, I grow and evolve

Unleashing my potential, my problems I solve


I cherish the love that resides in my heart

Overflowing with kindness, a precious art

I spread compassion, bring smiles to others

Knowing that love can heal and unite us


I embrace my flaws, for they make me real

A mosaic of imperfections, a unique appeal

I am imperfect, yet wonderfully complete

A masterpiece in progress, always ready to greet


So today, I stand tall and I proclaim:

I am worthy, I am enough, I acclaim

With self-appreciation, I walk this earth

Celebrating my essence, my inherent worth.


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