Self Adaptation

We're bound for somethin',

That's all I could think.

Sometimes I felt the urge to die.

But I was saved by self pride.

If I go out,

I'm going out like a man.

With my fist held out high,

Making a stand.

The world is crowded, a fool's paradise.

But to many people.

It's empty.

Opportunity Is everywhere.

But lots of people are afraid to roll the dice.

Leave us to self sympathize.

Our mind, Can't just synthesize with others.

But in reality we have open connections.

Severed by walls we made for protection.

We're being hindered by ourselves,

With the effects of self domination.

There's no collation.

Self dictation, a controversial agnation.

Passed down since creation.

We look to ourselves.

For self salvation.

God won't save us.

All we have is self reflection.

Look into yourself.

For alleviation.

It's time.

For self adaptation.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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