From what?

Yourself? No.


Running from what you're afraid to become.

The catch is, you're not really runnning.

You're already that person you didn't want to become.


Wanting to just start over,

But all you really have to do is turn around.

You're blinded though...


So far caught within yourself

that you don't know the answer.

Needing help...


You're screaming.

Except no one can hear you because you're screaming internally.

Before you know it, you're falling deep...


Deep into what you know you shouldn't have gotten into...

Now you're stuck falling...

The deeper you go, the darker it gets.


The harder it is to be saved from yourself.

Think about it.

All it takes is that light to reveal the path so you can see...


Then you can be freed.

Freed from what you're so afraid of:




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