Seeing You Smile

Sun, 01/12/2014 - 22:57 -- nmojica

Brings warmth to my soul, and I wonder why in the world I ever let you go

Or why I stopped calling you, why I didn’t just say that you were the only person that understood me

perhaps it’s because we never saw eye to eye all the time, you were just being unreasonable

perhaps it was my defiance that pushed you away, and at that time I surely didn’t care one bit

perhaps it was simply the situation, one that we both had no control over but wanted to each second

and so finally, the day comes when I am done with the arguing, the fighting

I just want a place where I don’t have to deal with you or this problem, or us anymore

So I leave and tell you that all is well, even though I know it never will be

It never will be until we both come to our senses, the ones that I suppose we never had in the first place

What happened to that tender smile that appeared when I told you that I wanted you to polish my nails

Or come shopping with me, just help me get ready for prom, you always loved me to ask you things

So why is it that when I ask you to let me grow up, you refute this every step of the way

You want nothing to do with this idea, nothing in this world could make my thoughts correct

But now I realize that you were afraid of losing me, afraid of not seeing me smile again

Even though I told you I wouldn’t forget you, you still thought this to be bound to happen


So now we are here, hopefully in a place that both makes us happy and I am glad to call you once again

You will always be my only one, after all, this is what God gives us in a lifetime

So don’t believe for a second that I don’t love you as I always did, and I always will


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