To See the Truth

On the occasionally sunny day,

when it does not rain

The Smiler walks out into the blue of today,

and bike rides to the city 

The Smiler is one who,

sees with open eyes

Open eyes that have not been blinded


The Smiler stops in the center of the chaos,

to look at the truth as it is and was

Billboards that advertise propaganda and,

the surrender of a will to stand up

The Smiler stops smiling,

when he/she sees what others cannot


Through the good eyes of the Smiler is,

a view of all things in truth

Yet the view is not the same,

for people like me and you

The Smiler turns all around to see something good,

but what is there other than truth to find 

The Smiler has stopped smiling


Chaos and confusion in a world,

where hate is advertised

They say they believe in acceptance,

but the government is full of lies

Our leaders are people with envy for what is truth,

they bind the broken strings by invisible ties

The society seeks to separate, differentiate and exterminate, 

a people who the same where made


The Smiler looks around in the midst of a population that,

believes and keeps living by this political craft 

The people are said to have freedm when all things are,

recorded and everyone sees them

What kind of freedom is that

The right to speak is now taken away, 

our constitution is about and going to change

Religion is no longer respected,

because people feel too affected 

God is no longer a deity but some form of,

and some kind of hilarity 


Our children are growing up,

in this society that promotes prejudice 

However everyone is too blind to even register it 

The Smiler looks up at the buildings that hold,

corperations of people so big and so "bold"

We now find success in manipulation 

And its taken down the greatness of this nation where,

no one sees the truth but rather infatuation 

The smiler keeps walking in the midst of human creations


The Smiler is someone who seeks to change things,

but what can one change in a world that does not want to

The smiler smiles when he/she sees good but,

from here and since then none would

The Smiler turns to go back home,

until the next calm before the storm

And for now, he/she had seen the signs,

of the greatest storming waiting in line


They say that clowds always have silver linings but,

The Smiler sees none and starts crying

He/she knows what is coming

The Smiler needs you to help stop it





This poem is about: 
Our world


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