Secrets to My Flawless: The Real Flaw

Sat, 11/29/2014 - 00:52 -- Nyreay


Secrets to my Flawless: The Real Flaw


Goddess, Gorgeous


Unique Queen


They are wondering why I’m flawless


Why I’m looking clean


Let me tell you this


 The most pretty?


Nah. Nah.


It’s inner beauty


Stunning in the mirror like


“Oh. my. Gah!”


While I’m looking clean


Neither am I better than you by any means


But I carry myself in a way 


That doesn’t conform to the comparison game,


straight greed


Here’s the Real Flaw

Vanity is a shattered mirror, tattered by broken portraits and fading pictures

It get clearer, and clearer, once hate has manifested its winner

the prize of fame, that pity game

it stays down in the basement of lies and shame

but let me tell you this, you dead and gone sinner

Love yourself, a love beginner

No one will love you because you’ve gotten thinner

Food is survival, enjoy your dinner

Wipe the war paint, gems hidden behind colors that taint

Because when it all fades, only you remain

Can you live with yourself then?

Let me reprimand

Can you live with yourself then?

Love yourself, you are your dearest friend.

I'm Flawless, period,

The End.



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