The Secret Garden

Her Heart was a secret garden

And the walls were very high

Exotic Flowers decorated well-guarded gates

 Inviting and enticing onlookers

But with the friendly brush of foreign fingers came a sharp and shocked withdrawal

Strangers usually don’t notice thorns

They’re naïve and susceptible

Fooled by a beautifully superficial appearance

Not concerned with inward grace

The secret garden wasn’t meant to be explored by those not chosen and willing

An advice to those attentive enough listen

Don’t touch what’s not yours

There is one to whom this garden belongs

He has purchased it at the highest cost

His hands secured the locks

His words breathed life into dead dry dust

His feet now walk on the tender ground

He alone has access to what’s not easily found

He’s jealous for her with a consuming kind of love

How she delights in hearing his sweetly gentle voice

She looks to him for help and he alone can save her

She clings to him desperately as if holding on for her life

She withholds no secrets from him

She longs to love him more than ever before

She smiles when he speaks, laughs when he’s near, and runs when he’s far

She blows graceful kisses to him and holds his hand as they walk

And if you look close enough inside this secret garden

You can often see them dancing among marigolds and morning glories

And hills of soft grasses surrounded by forests of evergreen hiding wondrous dance floors

Where rays of luminous light reaches the farthest corner

You may spot them hand in hand walking, running, laughing, talking in the garden she calls a mess and

He calls his beautiful mess

She often says she doesn’t know how to love

He usually responds “for someone that doesn’t know how to love, you really know how to steal my heart”

She says she wants to be pure

He says he’ll escort her out of there in white

She is his beloved

He is the lover of her soul

And he’ll stay in this secret garden as long as it takes to prepare her for their wedding

And then they will be together forevermore

In a faraway garden where royalty belongs








This poem reminds me of this song called "Beloved" by Tenth Avenue North. It showed a lot of referances to God's relationship with "His bride". I love it. God bless and keep writing on my friend(:!!!


Thank you! God bless you too :) 

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