Second Sight


Once upon a time in a land so divine-

Some man stood still on a city upon a hill.

He'd stare down and wait for the stars to turn faint-

Then the glass turned to sand and died the old man.


Time began to stop, the old man began to drop.

Minds staying stagnant, hearts drawn like magnets.


Nowhere to turn, humanity's darts urn. 

Where is our savior?

"The man" branded "creator."


Avaricies now ashes

Cognizance to balence.


Pools above the horizon 

Float with less and less

Of a sense to sight.

Light changes to the illumination of fright,

And days phase as if we have thousands to spare.


Our central soul wizens,

As do Ra's cliche horizons.

Seeing the skies bloom with incandescent fume tends to unduly cook our view of this burning coal...

Truths decay...


It's as if they stray like a feather from a Phoenix-

As if love left with no note regarding return.

Minds now promenade to a nebulous nowhere...



Our songs have ceased in note... 

And we are gone...

A square is cleared of the void's pawn.


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