Second Guessing

A year and 8 months spent very well,

A year and 8 months later I am in hell

To say I want you back would not be a lie,

But I can no longer hold these feelings inside

I’m grateful I met you and called you mine,

But my heart can’t see you’re gone because he’s blind

A scar has been left, it did not heal the right way,

Because the cream that’s supposed to heal it is not working today

I keep reverting back to it, I can’t let it go,

Oh, Lord, where is that glowing path I’m supposed to follow?

I want to give up, I am on my knees,

My brain is ready but my heart won’t let me

I want to feel it again, be happy one more time,

But it can’t be with him, it’ll be a lie

So I walk alone, tears streaming down my face,

And continue to wish I hadn’t been replaced

Our love was invisible, but as strong as could be,

But now it’s as weak as an infant, and a reflection of me

I can’t end this poem, I can’t end my thoughts,

I thought I moved on but I guess not

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