Seasonal Sensations


You are the moony sunlight that filters gently through the rustling leaves of sugar maples on a drafty, crisp september morning, spreading autumnal bursts of palatial warmth against waltzing winds like glints of sweet saccharine kisses


You are the susurrating snowflakes pitter-pattering lightly upon craning rooftops on a brisk, opaline december twilight, assembling gradually before my glassy eyes in the shivering silhouette of the moon - a wintery delight settling along frosty meadows of craters


You are the astral periwinkle-asters whose efflorescent fragrances are brushes of an early dayspring sun from march, strewing across my face amidst the waking of earth in floral beams of gleaming starshine  


You are the seraglio of drizzling sunshine on a sultry, sodden midsummer june, dripping from stellar nebula clouds whose tirade of eloquent downpours flow mellifluously onto the balmy pavement, soothingly to murmurous sounds of blue jays


You are everything I find beautiful in this world, honey eyes. 

This poem is about: 
My family
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