Seasonal Love


United States
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It felt like summer when we loved. As you talked it turned to fall. When you walked away it turned to winter. I stood in shock. The air around me turned to frost. My blood turned to ice. My tears were tiny diamonds sparkling in the winter shadows. Your absence ate me. It swallowed me whole. It swallowed my hope, my pride, and everything I'd ever known. But then you came back. And it felt like spring. Like a new beginning. And I was passionate about us and the summer feeling came again. I loved you still. But then your actions gave me that winter feeling. I was looking for summer. So I walked away. And I felt the blizzard enclose around me. I spent so much time just laying there in the snow. And then I saw a bright spot. It moved towards me and I sat up. I could feel the warmth of summer radiate off the spot. I stood up and slowly walked to the spot. The spot melted all the snow and flowers bloomed. They towered over me. And when I got close enough to break a sweat I saw that it wasn't just a bright warm spot. It was the summer sun in a boys heart. I walked slower still. And then I was in his arms. He made all the cold go away. He made me forget you. But when I looked back, I saw a little patch of snow there. Right where I was laying. He stood by it. He stood on it. It wouldn't melt. That patch of snow is still there. To remind me that I deserve the hot summer sun and that I should never forget my past. Just move on from it. So we walked away hand in hand, me and my sun.


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