Seasonal Change Warms my Heart

Leaves are falling everywhere

Piles upon piles scattered on the ground

The bright colors, which seem to glow

Red, Orange, and Yellow appear

That's why Autumn is my happy season

Animal searching the ground for scraps

Storing food for the harsh winter ahead 

Squirrels and Chipmunks, their mouths stuffed with nuts

Waiting for Hibernation

That's why Autumn is my happy season

Weather goes from warm to chilly 

The wind howls throughout the city

Occasional rain or snow may visit

That's why Autumn is my happy season

People bundle up in blankets

They sit by the fireplace to warm'

Candles are lit through the house

Smelling of Pumpkin and Apple Cider

That's why Autumn is my happy season 

Everything is changing 

From the weather to the leaves

A new time is beginning

The scent of Autumn is in the air

Autumn is my happy season



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My community
Our world
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