searching from within the outside

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 02:43 -- pgi13

Every action has a reaction
So am I not just a puppet to the strings of previous events
Am i just a reaction to an action

Are my feelings
My thoughts
My ideas
Just a predetermined web of unpredictable events
Where everything affects everything else
In an unexplainable yet magically reassuring way

But does this give me no choice but to just sit back and let the world decide
Or do I take the reins of life
A life that I reprieve
Yet have no control over

This is my window to the world
So what will I look at

For it is only what i see that i can question
And what I see is only what I know
So will I ever see what I do not know?

We are the characters playing out each other’s timeless movies
A movie that only we can see
Yet other can paraphrase
But what do we know about something that we are in

What does a moment know about the stars?

What does man know about mankind?


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