Search For Awesome

A really good book.

A hammock in the sun.

My cute little puppy.

My single favorite movie.

Doing what you love.

Loving what you do.

Friends to keep close.

Family to hold near.

Everything is frickin awesome,

in this big ol' world.

You just have to search for it.

Awesome is indoors,

I mean have you heard of Netflix?

Awesome is in nature,

have you ever seen a sunset?

Awesome is in the relfection,

you woke up like that.

Awesome is in you,

kind, beautiful, perfection.

Society tells us to look at our flaws.

Well I have, and I must say,

I kind of like them all.

I love myself,

that's all there is too it.

As long as you love you,

then THAT is what's Awesome.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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