Sea Sirens

Raindrops feel like promises 

at least they do to me

the thunder rumbles loud

but it grumbles soothingly


Sprinkles are like angel kisses

brushed against my skin

make me laugh and dance

my light shines from within


The ship it rock and sways

and sailors scramble about

watching for my shoals

because they know their dangerous route


I part my ruby lips and caress the silky sea

I call out to my sisters, “Come and sing with me!”

Like long ink spills, and foamy sea waves

my sisters know the flesh we all crave


Sliding and spinning out of the deep

a greeting chirp as we meet

“Sing sisters sing, to the men above

 that they may become drunk, and filled with love.”


A cluster of angels with tails instead of wings

more evil than the devil, but the men don’t know these things

cutting through the waves, hair red, green and gold

blue and black as well, a strange sight to behold


Delicate scepters

drifting away

leading stricken men

out into the grey


Watch out for our islands

ye sailor men in blue

for the many dangers that await you

for we are sirens no mythical lore

but though you find we do exist, you will live no more



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