This is a sea


This is me, cant you see, blue till noon, hit by room, caught in fire, people say i thee liar. words of fire, fears cant inspire and yet none to hear thee tire. who i am, what can i say, gone, along to find what went wrong? up and down the sky, so many say goodbye, but you don't see me cry. behind a curtain, full of bloom, but i arise at noon. Talks of so many, caught within a wall, and do you hear that call. time within your own, own flesh and blood, caught, but screaming to be out. here is the sun, cold, up at hold, but does it bring back me two-fold? This s who i am, sudenly a fad, unfortunately all sad. stay, hey, don't ever run away, please stay, and just be. all alone, with no home, but why must you go. hold on, time end run, can't you see, i am a sea. here you too can be free. a storm, makes me a way, but really i'm not a tree. are you so blind, can't chan me up to high, for crash down to sigh, so can you tell what i am would you not think i make you glad? But who comes to the blue not sad ?



so what do you think, i am?


This poem has a meaning that speak your voice THE STYLE OR WRITING WAS CREATIVE I ENJOYED MY READ 

i would love to read more or your poetry so continue to write 

**Please check out my work when you get a chance and tell me how you feel thank you


Maybe i think you are a person seeking to reach freedom and to be expected apart of something more then the sadness that you might be in ? (From the poem ) i think that who you are ??

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