The Sea


The sea foam raged violently against the cliff

constantly pulverizing the coal black rocks

causing smithereens and scraps to crash viciously into the water

mimicking cannon and gun shots fired amidst a war.

The white droplets spewed into the air like ash from an explosive eruption.


Somewhere among the ferocious torrents the white water

gradually dissipated into a shimmering bed dressed with emerald and aqua

satin sheets. The beams of light danced and glinted and

seemed to laugh joyously as they frolicked  from wave to wave,

 caressing the ocean with its soothingly warm embrace.


And soon, the radiant sheet of water licked the edges of land,

tasting sand and crab and human flesh of fearless adventurers

who dared to journey out into the capriciously dangerous kingdom of Poseidon.

But there was a contagious freedom among the swimmers, the divers, the fisherman,

 as they each possessed an awareness that they were completely and utterly powerless.




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