Screaming at the Deaf

Why do you scream

and writhe in rage

at that child

Who won't return your gaze?

He cannot hear you

He is deaf.

He cannot see you

He is blind.

How will you reach him?

Reach out and touch him

He can feel.

And he will feel like the


Touched by Jesus of Nazareth.

Shunned by everyone else

But loved by someone.

For to love is to give yourself away

Until your hands are bruised

and scarred

and you want to die

Because you want to hide

In your own little world


You want to leap into the waters of apathy

For you would rather drown

Than see your reflection

In the face of a clown

And have to throw away the makeup

You have coated yourself

and your world with.

Then you must cut out your heart

and hand it over

To be torn to pieces

By the blind and deaf.

To be torn to pieces

By those who coat everything

With more and more makeup

Until their hearts are lumps of powder.

But cease screaming

and anger

and frustration at their deafness.

They cannot hear.

Do not despair.

For you too could not hear

a long time ago.



Nice poem. I love it :)

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Wow this is a really good poem. Astonishing


This was so amazingly written....I started to tear up while reading it. You are an amazing witer, words alone can not capture how well that was writen. <3


Beautiful! Powerful. So true.

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