I am going to scream

In the middle of the night

when your dreams are slowly drifting


I am going to scream

so loud that the floor will shake

and the birds in the trees will take to the sky


I am going to scream

because if i wake you from your thoughts

maybe you’ll finally feel my reality


Maybe you will taste my tears

and realize that salt water comes from sadness


Maybe you will hear my heart pounding

and realize that stress only brings the bad kind of wrinkles


I am going to scream

with such might

that the people 48 floors up will hear me


I am going to scream

because my heart cannot tremble much longer

and my body can only withstand so much


When i leap from this roof top

when i dive to the darkest depths

I will take a breathe released from the pit of my soul

And I am going to scream


--Sometimes its the only thing that keeps us human.



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