Scrambled Egg

Up atop a wall that spans great distance

Sat an egg-headed boy who lived a peaceful existence

... That is until he fell 10 feet

Into the King's royal garden of beets

20 days and 20 nights pass

the shell he broke feels like a pain in the ass

Luckilly for him, someone showed up

not the kings men, but a young pup

He asked the kid to come yonder

but the talking egg caused him to ponder

"This egg needs my assistance, but how can I fix

something without any of my tricks?"

The boy Leonard moved near

and the egg whispered to his ear

"My dying wish is to be made into breakfast.

For the king needs nourishment to compliment that mighty fist!"

Without hesitation, the boy left in a hurry

For the kings guard will definitely notice him scurry

"The egg-headed boy desires to be made over-medium,

not scrambled or well down, something to break the tedium"

And so the kings men and their horses prepared Eggsy for the royal feast.

"The sausage is great, the bacon fantastic, but the egg is what I like the least"

The omelette didn't satisfy the king but everyone else enjoyed it for what it was.

It was wholesome and full of heart


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