School As We (Should) Know It


I open my eyes,

bad thoughts in my head,

as I find the motivation,

to roll out of bed. 

I brush my teeth.

I comb my hair.

I throw on some clothes,

whatever's there.

I trudge to my truck,

slump down in my seat,

arrive at the school,

already beat.

I walk through the door,

scowl on my face,

bags under my eyes, 

staring off into space.

I begin to question,

why I am here.

But once in the classroom,

the answer becomes clear.

For without school,

we would be lost.

Sure life would be easier, 

but at what cost?

So don't get caught up,

in that school-hating hype.

Know that by going to school,

you are building a better life. 


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