I wore a t shirt that read SCHOOL SUCKS last week to school. My teacher however did not like it so he asks me something along the lines of "Why exactly does school suck?" And in a attempt to respond I think. "How ironic of me... to be both woman and black and for him to ask this question."WELL I HAVE A RESPONSE FOR YOU. School sucks because while I am reprimanded for wearing a tank top, boys are allowed to play in the gym with no shirt on. It sucks because we have misogyny walk these halls in the backpacks of young boys blasting their trap music....I have reported sexual harassment more than 3 times and two of those cases have been disregarded by my previous administrator. I have on-the-go pepper spray not even hidden in my bag that is ready to blast its poison at any given moment the young members of patriarchy decide to touch me because I have on leggings. When entering 9th grade my female administrator said to an auditorium full of all girls that she didn't want us coming to her with complaints of sexual harassment if we had on something too revealing. So hey Ms. JJ, instead why don't you teach these boys how not to stare at a girl inappropriately because my clothes do not determine my consent. Hey Ms. JJ why don't you teach these boys that catcalling is inappropriate and that calling me anything other than T R I N I T Y Faith is inappropriate as wellHEY MS. JIMERSON-JOHNSON  thanks for the pep talk! I was so unaware of your anti-feminist beliefs but now i see them clear as day. because YOU were the one who didnt expel that boy in 9th grade who put his hands on my knees and made tongue gestures towards down there!So yes! this is why school sucks so bad Mr. Teacher. this is why I hate rolling out of bed in the morning at 6:30am so I can spend the majority of my day at a place that represents a smaller more public form of Capitalism.Why don't you go ask someone with White Privilege if they like school?! Of course as long as they are a white-cis gendered-heterosexual male I'm pretty sure they'll say yes, this school is great and it in fact does not suck at all.But these boys....these boys will be the same boys who wear snap backs and don't believe in American Rape Culture. ...But maybe ya know... maybe this is just a flaw within the majority of public school system. 

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Thank you. This is beautiful, perfect for bringing the school system's attention to the growing difficulties for a girl in school.

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