School Shooting


Mary, Nate, John, Kate, here with a wave of the hand,

just a normal day at school, with the same stupid rules.

Focus is broken, when announcement has spoken,

Teachers lock doors, students get on the floor. 

Heavy breathing, Hearts beating, a rattle at the door, People screaming, People crying, “I just can’t take anymore!”

Door busts open, covers blown, Everyone runs, 

behind there footsteps..., firing of the guns. 

Mary’s outback, Nate’s upfront, John and Kate are in a stall. 

You here Nate scream, then John, then Kate, a loud fall. Mary’s running, as fast as she can, 

it’s silent now in the hall, she’s scared and only 13 years old, she just heard them all.

John, Nate, her friend Kate, even the homeroom teacher, She felt sad, she had gotten in trouble, right before she left her. 

Her mother, father, brother, sister, all were mad at her, telling her she was stupid, and off to school they sent her. She felt something go through her back, and then something through her heart,

it started bleeding her insides, feeling as if they’d been ripped apart. 

“I love you Sarah, love you Susan, Jamie, Mom and Dad, you gave me the best lifetime, i could’ve ever had. 

I know that what is happening, must look pretty bad, 

I know after i pass, you all will be very sad. 

But don’t cry, Don’t hate, Just open your eyes, and appreciate. 

Promise me you’ll love, promise me you’ll be fine, cause this bleeding little heart of mine, needs faith, needs trust, needs peace.





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