The Schmuck That Ate His Own

Mon, 05/06/2013 - 19:14 -- Nparlet


United States
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There was a boy
Who wore polo shirts and tucked them into
His pants
He knew that he would never be great at anything
Greatness wasn't in him
So he waited
Waited until he found the one girl
Who would warm him up
And keep him company until
He thawed out enough to move
His arms
His arms reached for her
His hands grasped for her hope
But she was
Nowhere to be found out
She had left to find
Her greatness
And her goodness.
She had left him alone.
He must now pick at the growing buds
Greatness takes more than just one try
To this
He will sit
picking at his toenails
Biting at his failures
Eating his lost attempts at greatness
Until he's filled up up up

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