Scattered Brained

What am I doing? I haven't a clue,
Most of the days I feel like the sky true blue.
Jumped into college following the money not my passion,
Spent many days looking at my life just crashing.

Not many people stick with me like glue,
My circle of friends is open shaped liked a U.
Once I gave up on life I was at an all time low,
But then it hit me people come and people go,
Trying to impress and hold on will only disrupt my flow.

Love, trust and respect can't be forced they come naturally,
When I have all 3 I'ma finally live happily.
Sometimes I mess up so I'll be like oh fudge,
But I'm not the type of dude who won't change I'll definitely budge.

If you look at my appearance you see a person who's just chill,
But if you look into my eyes you'll see a person who's real.
I give it my all cause you don't know unless you try,
What you see is what you get I'll be legit until I die.


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