The Scars You Can’t See

You can’t see the bruises on my face yet I still hurt. You can’t see the stab wounds yet I still bleed. He didn’t slap me yet I still feel the sting. Whoever said words don’t hurt lied. They do hurt. Words cut deep they leave  everlasting scars. You can’t put a band aid over an emotional wound. You can’t wrap up emotional abuse. It changes the way you think. It makes you avoid eye contact. It makes you apologize for everything. You’re expected to just get over it because it’s just words. It’s more than words. It’s the reason you start eating less. It’s the reason you start acting out. It’s the reason you don’t feel pretty. It’s the reason you don’t want to get out of bed. It’s the reason you wake up having panic attacks. Yet they are just words... 

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