The Scars We Carry

When I met you,

the stars of my night sky aligned.

The bird’s chirps shone and

            the sun’s rays sang.

When we kissed love dripped from our lips.

Our bodies curled like shavings of wood.

I could feel your spine dance under my palms.


                                    Just to make sure we’re alive,

would fill the room with hot air.

No matter what happens.

When you say, ‘STOP’ I’ll cease.

When you say, ‘GO’ I’ll kiss the trail of your body towards your lips.

Remember I’m scared too.

But I don’t have a problem just lying here next to you.


I understand,

            there’s no need to explain.

What’s happened in the past

                        will not happen again today.

I’m not here to hurt you,

            you’ve shown me the scars you carry.

I will always love you,

            even if I can’t find the right words to say.

I love you darling, now and every day.

Please let me carry some of your scars, because everything is going to be okay.


This poem is about: 
My family


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