Scars are not just skin that was a wound,

that was created by drawing with silver.

but are the embodiment of our emotions,

emotions that overflow like the ocean during a storm.

The scar upon your arm is not just the overflowing emotions that got to much,

to much for your sanity.

but beautiful morbid art.

It is the art of the kids in the dark,

the kids who are forgotten

some try,

they try to scream that they are not okay,

that they are drowning.

Drowning from all the horrendous emotional pain,

that is worse than the cruciatus curse,

thrown at you by 100 men.

They had to endure this curse through the years,

cast by the incompetent mortals.

That were either blind to what they were doing or they just do not care.  


This poem is about: 
Our world


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