Scarlet Sparks

So brave these words, I guess I will

In high hopes to make thy heart stand still

To mend the wounds if I can,

To calm the fear she has at hand,

A fear to run is her cover,

But fear I not the fear of others,

So worry I not should her feelings run astray,

I’ll try, if I may, to keep those wings at bay.


But if those wings I cannot tether,

Then let me be your scarlet letter,

And for this moment, end the strife,

And let our hearts spark the night,

And wait, as day breaks through the hours,

I’ll prove that light can pierce the showers,

And that maybe just, once if a thrice,

with some luck, the sun shines twice.


And so to her heart I do protest,

that for now I’m fine with second best.

For what matter of man has the chance,

To cross the stars with but a glance?

And if by chance they start to shine,

Can I assume that everything is fine?

Or do I leave to walk the night alone,

Or stay and call the stars my home?


For even in darkness I’m not alone,

So long as the night does not leave me on my own

And even when she’s cold, I can’t complain

I’m sorry for her, cause I feel her pain.

Or maybe I have the night confused,

And I’m the one that makes her bemused.

But either way, I can but try again.

And maybe, just maybe, make amends.


And with these mends I can but wait,

and thank her thus for a lovely date.

Wait that is at a patient pace,

For dawn to rise and show her lovely face,

And the face I see is all so familiar,

For it last night it was she that gave me shivers.

And each hour that I shivered in the dark,

my heart leapt and skipped with scarlet sparks.


And these scarlet sparks I could not betray,

For I love the night as I love the day.

And Dearest Day I hope you stay awhile,

For I miss the way your heart does smile.

But I know our time is not forever,

Cause feelings change just like the weather.

But maybe just we’ll get caught at noon,

And you’ll stay thus to see the moon.


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