The Scared Visible Bohemian Dreamer

Thu, 11/20/2014 - 21:46 -- Scobz13


Screaming, yelling, fighting, sobbing, darkness,


A little girl lies within the safety net of her sheets listening to all these sounds,


Fear overwhelms the girl for the consequences would be monstrous,


She feels weak arms wrap around her, feels the wetness of tears on her back, smells burning scent of smoke and intoxication surrounding her, and hears the pain shattering crying in her ears like howls.


That scared girl was me.



Fat, ugly, pathetic, loser, nothing,


The girls and boys play on the playground while the invisible girl sits alone underneath the oak tree,


Envy and yearning emerge from the girl to be seen and accepted, instead of being alone and hurting,


A little boy with cheerful eyes, and a mischievous grin, stands before the girl, throws a red ball into her hands, as he pulls her up into the air and the invisible girl feels like she can fly away and be free.


The visible girl was me.



Harmony, singing, acting, dancing, breathing,


Lights on the stage enclose a young performer behind the curtains,


Words and lyrics crave to escape from the singer’s lips and pierce the audience souls into passion and meaning,


The curtain opens to a sea of masqueraded faces, lights fall upon center stage, music plays, and the magic begins.


The bohemian was me.



Past, present, future, dreaming, believing,


I was the child swept on the winds of imagination towards far off lands on pixie dust and flying,


I will be an adult battling the raging storms of reality and walk the crooked paths to find a way out of the woods,


I ‘am my past, present, future, the scared little girl, the invisible and visible girl, the singing bohemian, and a dreamer,


The world can decide to see the facade of my identity or open the curtains to see the wings to my soul.


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