Scared and scarred

The rhinos raging
The crayons making
My life or my dream
Don't slip up on ur cream
Cremated Danny was
Will bed bugs be the death of the beetle buzz
Beez' nees' u need to get to
Mama mama mama got issues
With temptations
Don't murder your brother or your potential daughter
Don't give light to the darkness surrounding
How u think of me when u can't sleep
And u can't sleep without me
And you can't be up without me
And money lately been slipping
And my mind my life I've been missing
And money ain't the only problem
And God is the only doctor
And my appointments been over
My depression been sober
My liquor did nothing
We fought and got cussing
I wouldn't trust me with lies
I'm better with truth
U could tell it by my blue eyes
My brown one's
I drown
On account of you
You'd kill for me
Time tells what spell we'd unveil
Man secrets from outside sources never fold
Never good
U don't wanna
U don't wanna
U don't wanna
U don't wanna
Tell her
Your folks got it misunderstood
I'm good my heads good my heads straight
We straight
If you'd be straight  I'd take half
My ears open
There's disdain
There's pain
There's shame
In us
All three
All five of us
Danny would've been great
Mom shoulda played
Her role, but it's too soft,
She too hard
I accept scars
These aren't love scars
This is bad bars
We're ingesting
We're investing
We're contesting
We're not ready
Time steady
Hearts heavy
My hearts hard
My dreams scarred for life
My life will never be the same
And its because of me
Because of us
You don't wanna
You don't.

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