The Scarecrow

Everyday he watched.

He watched the corn grow
The bird caw
The children laugh.

He watched them.

They never knew he did,
but what else could he do?

He heard them.

The comments about his missing patches
about his creepy smile
Yes his smile
The one sewn into his face
The one that made everyone stop and whisper
The one that sent shivers down their spines.

It was the same thing 
every year.

But he couldn't leave
Who else would watch and listen?


If you find the right day

The right time

Right quiet


If you stop and listen closely 
You can hear as well.

You can hear his heartbeat
You can hear the faint thud thud
           thud thud
its in his chest
beneath the straw.

It once belonged to his master's friend.

The master who would come out
To the middle of the cornfield
And just talk to him 
and just listen.

He felt every emotion his masters friend felt
The anger burned in his straw filled chest
But he couldn't move
Couldn't do anything about it.

He knows his master never meant to hurt his friend
But the anger coursed 
Through veins that didn't even exist 
The anger pushed through with each heartbeat
With each Thud Thud
         Thud Thud.

These emotions were not his.

The emotions were thrown into his chest
Hidden away in the middle of the night
Unseen by the laughing children 
Unseen by those who talked about the missing patches
Hidden under the moonlight.

He wanted his master to feel the pain he felt
To feel the burning course with each Thud Thud
         THUD THUD.

But he couldn't move
couldn't leave.

All he could do was watch
And feel.

Someday he'll show him 
If he only had a brain...

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