I was sinking in shallow water

as the tides came in to sweep me away.

My screams were muffled, hidden

from the help that never came.


There was no knight in shining armor,

there was no hero of the day.

I was dragged to Sea, suffocating

on the words that would help me to stay.


And in the darkness of the water,

I began to sing.

The lost words of a girl, who

was about to lose everything.


My hopes flew away off my tongue,

my dreams fled away through my tears.

Everything else slipped through my fingers,

and with my last breath so did my fears.


And then in the darkness

 I found my reflection.

A girl with a

pale complexion.


She reached to me

through the hazy waves.

She was the embodiment of what I thought I was not;

She was brave.


And then in the darkness,

I found light, in the middle of the sea.

Then all my cares came back,

and I knew this is not where I was supposed to be.


And then my feet were no longer moving,

I was moving my feet.

Until I was able to touch my reflection's hand,

the moment when everything ceased.


And I was back in the water,

with air in my lungs and a new reason to see,

that I was drowning in shallow water,

and I needed no hero but me.







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