Saved By Rhymes

Stories of change don't start in a day

They begin with cracked hearts

And thoughts like a maze

When the sword wins the battles

In the pin you lose faith

So you leave the pin's side

And join the sword's ranks


In that day you turned brutal

In that day you waged war

Because for your brothers of bloodshed

You helped raise the score


In this change you felt misery

Your cracked heart broken

But clear thoughts left with the pin

So you remained unspoken


But stories of change don't start in a day


Later in life

After the battles were won

You searched the horizon

Seeing light from the sun


As Murmurs behind closed doors

Went and caught your ears

Like they were fugitives of law

Serving maximum years

You listened with clenched fists

Waiting for the time to strike fear

But that time never came

And the word's end was near


When the only sound was clapping

That preceded the rhymes

Your thoughts became clear

For the first in a long time


Now the words had your mind

And reclaimed your heart

The pin held no scorn

For your time apart


As you pleged your alligence 

To the rhymes and rhetoric

Using your mouth for change

And only human betterment


I am forever changed

In more ways than I thought

I now cast out the sword

And join who I had once fought


But stories of change don't start in a day

And end only in life

For I know that one who drops the sword

Can still one day grab a knife

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This is about when I was younger and had anger issues. For awhile didn't believe words could do anything. Fortunately I was able to see the error in my thinking and eventually saw the strength in words. My favorite form of words was poetry. It's ability to make words come alive still interests me. However, due to some recent events in my life, I now see that my battle with the sword is a war. I still have to fight to remain on the side of words and not fall to violence.   

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