Savagely Civilized


Why do I even bother with writin, readin, speakin

When there's no universal goal we're all seekin,

There ain't no reason to bleep out the original voice,

Keep your head up kid, blow em away with your poise,

Leaders just sidestepping all the problems in our days,

Heavily pressuring our benefactors to limit those they raise,

Quieting us with "proper grammar" and "be more polite!",

Until we no longer think about what's right. day or night,

The audience laughs at the impossibility of dystopia,

while they robotically peer into their handheld eutopias,


Presidents, prime ministers, sultans, and kings,

don't truly educate the masses in their reign,

so with money, alcohol, drugs, and bling

popular culture embraces its traditional bane,

kids all stained with vice,

highlight their days with filters and hashtags,

but I'm gonna roll my dice,

with confronting this immoral slag.


I may be rude, and I may be shushed,

for resisting ubiqitious culture,

from the fount of indignation gushed,

my opinions true, without censure,

on the spot, completely improvised,

do you have the mind to be savagely civilized?





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