Tell my eyes who you think you are

Drooping lids keep love’s knowledge a safe of colors

They’re stolen from my trees empty branches

How dare you take wing when I sweat on two feet

Beauty transforms the masses into a single floating sigh

I wish there were roses, but no one would believe it

When the beam roams, will I be enlightened?

The snails protect your head because they needed you

The warmth of the fire leaves us lizards lonely

If you are infinity where are my mortals

Read to my attention, heels in the doorway

For shame Titania. Your sun shines on us all

Listening to you I get the story of my home

I worked with what she gave me

Want to be a part of something that eats your heart

Look over your shoulder, no one said you aren’t a picture

Parting seas of snow isn’t that what you make of it

If you are a new one, what does that leave us to whisper

The smile that sunk a 1000 row boats

You could teach that toothless a thing or two

Tells me you could spell it out


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