Sanity. We can't always be it.
Sanity. What everyone presses you to be.
Sanity. The normal of life...
But... sometimes you lose your grip on Sanity... how do you get back?
Reaching out, grabbing thin air, faltering in your steps.
Your world is tilting and you scramble for a hold, just one wrong move... suddenly you're falling without a harness or safety net. 
All of a sudden, you feel a jerk and your fall is slowed. A thin rope of notes has wrapped around you taking you back to the surface.
The notes of Music surround you... slowly erasing and healing all that caused the fall.
You see a small ray of light trying to reach you, traveling along the rope.
Just reach out and touch it. Don't let go, for that is what we call hope.
You come to realize that there is Sanity in Music and that everything will be ok.


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