The Sandwich

Fri, 01/31/2014 - 15:58 -- smm1372

Everyday we compare
To help explain the unexplainable
We say an object is like something else
Whether it makes sense or not

The most common thing we say
Is the world is made up
Of little pieces, layers
And everything comes together

Take a sandwich for example
Just looking at one
You see how many layers
That consists to create it

The yummy bread at the bottom
The tomatoes all lined up
The lettuce evenly distributed on top
Plus the cheese and possible meat

Not to mention
Mayonnaise added lastly
With the last piece of bread
A perfect sandwich at last created

In life all those pieces
Become in sync, in harmony
It all somehow creates itself
Then immerses it in and around you

On a continuous stream
Weaving through your sight
Creating the millions of layers
Consisting of the world, your life


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