The Sales Pitch

Once upon a time...
There lived an ogre in the clouds.

He had all the money in the world from a golden hen,

He had the loviest music in the world from a golden harp.

He had a castle and servants that numbered two hundred and ten.

He had a spear for intruders which was fearsomely sharp.


There also lived a poor lad,

He had only a cow to his name.

He sold the cow for three beans.

His mom put him to shame.

His mom thought they're regular greens.


There also lived a devious salesman,

He stole magic beans from a castle in the sky.

He created a plan to kill the being that doomed him.

To take revenge on a creature so up high.

The beans for a cow he traded them.


Phase one done.


Per the plan the salesman watched.

He wached the mother throw out the beans.

He watched the plant grow and arch.

He was the first to climb it, tall and green.


At daybreak the son followed up.

By then the salesman just has to watch.

The son finds the hen right on time.

Things just turned up a notch.

The ogre let him escape by a dime.


The salesman curses the mom, the only cure is the harp.

The son hears of such and vows to take it.

The harp is stolen just as quickly.

The harp played for both a bit.

The ogre lets out a roar loud and chilly.


Phase two done.


The ogre starts down the gaint plant in fury.

The salesman watches from above in glee,

The son chops the plant down in a hurry,

The mom faints from worry.

The salesman grabbed the spear.


The plant falls with the ogre on it.

The ogre fell deep into a pit.

The salesman missed this bit.

The ogre's wife is donning her outfit.

The spear lands between her eyes.


The ogre died from the fall.

The son now has it all,

The salesman has the castle.

This was, to him, no hassle.


Plan Complete


The salesman has his castle back,

The son finds his real name is Jack,

The mom no longer holds anything back,

The ogre lies flat on his back.


Those that survived lived happily ever after,

Those who died passed with restless souls.




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