Sacrifices I'll Make Because I Love You

I know you hate doing dishes

so I’ll wash them just for you

I know you hate doing laundry

so I’ll fold all your clothes too

I know you love the cat

so I’ll let you pet him first

I know you love me tender

so I’ll help you through your worst



I know you miss date night

so I’ll snuggle with a movie

I know you miss your mother

so I’ll let you cry on me

I know you wish we owned a house

so I’ll start looking for our “mansion”

I know you wish we had children

so I’ll be open to adoption


I know you doubt my memory

so I’ll remember Us each year

I know you doubt we save enough

so I’ll give up drinking beer

I know you believe in family gathering

so I’ll book us a flight

I know you believe we’ll last forever

so I’ll let you be right


I know we’re growing love handles

so I won’t ask what you weigh

And I know we’re growing older

but I’ll love you all the way.

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