The Sacrifice

He turned around and his smile was pain

He was strapping in his army clothes,

But I was scared of what was leaving

And what would never be the same


He came home for Christmas,

But something was wrong.

His body was healthy,

But his pain was so strong.

His eyes were so haunted

From what he had seen.

His friends who’d been slaughtered,

The places he’d been.


Then he had to come home for medical leave;

He’d had some heart problems from the day he’d been born,

But it was more than physical ways his heart had been torn.

And he needed some time to stay home and grieve.

But when the general called…


He answered to Our God

And he answered to the call of duty.

He was a first lieutenant in the ranks

And he answered for the safety

Of the people of the States.

And he answered for justice

And he answered to fate,

But always he answered to the call of duty.


Then his division came by one day;

They only said what they needed to say.

He was a prisoner of war,

Missing in action.

Because he always answered for

The call of duty.


And his memory will be honored

And his glory will be shared

And his bravery will be lauded

And people will know he cared

And his kindness will be so cherished

And his chivalry held dear.

He was a man in a million

And all will shed their tears.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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