Saccharine Marmalade


United States
37° 4' 2.2224" N, 76° 30' 50.8968" W

Good morning sunshine

I indulge on your coffee brown eyes in the peep of daylight

Birds twitter and flutter melodious notes to the rhythm of morning symphonies

Etudes of seasonal winds murmur with waltzing apple trees

And leaves array the air with vibrant colors of autumn

Beams of brimming sunlight knock gently upon your windowsill

Rustling your rippling bedsheets and stirring an elysian egret awake


I present the queen of songbirds a gilded tray of her delectable dulcets

Towers of towery waffles glimmer with the glaze of maple syrup

Garnished with succulent, sweet strawberries and robust-red raspberries

To tango bittersweet flavors of nature

Let’s put some whirling whip cream to whistle whopping wonders


Sizzling hashbrowns of hasher are displayed with an aroma of earthy potatoes

Being caressed by oils and pinches of salt to serenade her tasteful tongue

She loves to tear apart the tidbit and listen to the simmering sound of the stretching spud

Savor the flavor of saucy delights


And gander upon a goblet filled with chilled orange juice to quench a thirst worthy of rajahs

Citrus kisses envelop her mouth and fill with tangs of saccharine marmalade

Good morning

Good morning

Good morning,

My sweet love

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My family
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