Rythm to my Heart

To anyone, music is everything,

You are my rythm, my beat, my melody.

You're like my favorite playlist,

Making me go up when I feel like a mess.

You're the words I can sing along to, 

I don't have to pretend when I'm with you.

I love hearing you play in the background,

Your rythm on me has me spellbound.

You're the song I have on repeat,

I can never tire of your melody.

You're the treble and the bass,

Putting a smile across my face.

Whatever I'm feeling,

Your tunes start reeling.

Touching me with your words,

Helping me cope with this cold world.

Whatever the day,

All I have to do is press Play,

And there you are,

The rythm to my heart.


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