Let not the rust on art caricature thy dwindling sights,
As all evanescence, art is not evading
to deceive thy worthwhile,
As art is thine esteemed friend,
thou feel in the absence, it's pungence,
Even in decays of darkest hours,
art survives as hope of thine!

Let not the rust on art plummets,
to confiscate the illustrious moments !
To obliterate the remaining versatility,
to display the alluring empathy,
The ethereal disposition,
to wrestle with the angel art!

Let not the rust on art
to extricate the visionary spectrum,
As time and tide waits for none,
rust on art will swipe away thy longed solace.
As thou don't have armament,
to exhibit the consecrated salvation,
rust on art is perennial to enlightenment!
Thou not be left alone
in utter dismay and confusion!

Let not the rust on art,
drift in sheer embarrassment,
to ravage thy entity and esteem.
The rust on art is venomous,
most callous of all contamination,
As rust on art have a clout,
with thine actualization.

Let not the rust on art crust
to burst on thy luminous volumes!
The sight of which lauds thou,
to be a harbinger of decadal trust,
To leave the bequest to the
apathetic strayed progeny behind,
as rust on art is not comrade
of thy appealing fictitious gloomy flights!
© Silpika Kalita


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