Runway Memories

The rain ever so forgetful had left small mirrors on the runway after she had gone,

I could look down to look up and see clouds in the sky like a doorway through the tarmac

but all I wanted to see was your face one more time.

running down the asphalt the jet creaked and shuddered as if it were about to fall apart,

it felt just like my heart

As we took to the air, the noise of the engine was almost enough to drown out my thoughts of you,

but only almost.

With every flash of white from the clouds we’d run through, there flashed a memory of you.


-Twitter: @ThatSoundofRain

This poem is about: 
Our world




Who are your poems about?  

Just wondering who inspires you. 

And do you fly on planes a lot? 


Albany, NY 


Thanks for commenting! My poems are usually about different people or myself, usually what inspires me are conversations, or strong emotions I want to capture. In this case there was no one person I just wanted to capture that feeling you get when you leave someone behind. And i don't fly a lot on a regular basis, but when I wrote this I was flying a lot that day. Again thanks for commenting!


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