Running From the Past


Look a little farther,
What do you see?
A fog, the unknown, obscurity,
A corner here,
A corner there,
A circle; you're going nowhere,
Running in place to reach that turn,
Ha! But don't you ever learn?

An impossible dream,
A fantasy,
The goodnight kiss upon your lips,
Gentle, smooth, caressing...
Nightmares of failure are pressing,
Beware the monstrosity of loving,
Beware the Leviathan
Coming around the bend,
He's coming, oh so run!

One foot in front of the other,
And another, another, another,
Running for that unfeasible belief,
Triumph as you round that block...
But wait, oh stop, the road keeps going,
Stretching forth into that sunset,
Reset, regain your strength and move on,
Before that ever unviable moment is gone. 



You are really good at writing, thought I'd let you know!!


Thanks! I really appreciate that! 

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