Running for the Evening Sky


Running for the Evening Sky


It seems these days all I do is run,

but maybe today I will change my pace.


I look around at my surroundings

and see a life thats waiting for me to slow down

to try and live.


I slow down, and I begin to feel,

emotions that have been dormant for so long.

I come in contact with people

Who would have only gotten a passing glance

in my mad dash,

For the Evening Sky.


I take a rest, and begin to see,

what my life has become without me.

My eyes catch a glimmering piece

sparkling in the rubble.

As my hand brushes across the smooth glass,

A rush of electricity floods my system

shocking me back to life.


As the glass slips from my hand

I take a breath,

I take a step,

I blink my eyes.


I begin to burn, my emotions returning.

I feel a stirring

when I see your face, so familiar.

Yet the feeling is new,

like a cold fire, or a winter aurora

it is beautiful and dangerous.


I take a step, and I begin to live.

I step, one, two, into your arms

I feel the lightning

the sparks.

I feel the safety and the smile crossing my face.

I stop running for the evening sky.


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